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WPI Water Resources Inc.
Garden Hose Sprinkler

Our Services


Here at WPI Water Resources we provide the very best in the water well industry. We provide pump installations, well rehabilitation, and meet all of your electrical needs. Our team of professionals work hard to make sure your system is working at its maximum potential with minimal downtown as we understand the importance of your irrigation needs. 


WPI Water Resources uses the top of the line products such as Goulds, Berkeley, Fairbanks, US, Grundfos, Franklin, Peerless and many more! We keep our prices competitive and as well as efficiently servicing your needs in a timely matter keeping more money in your pocket!






















Electrical Services

-Complete Pump Panel Installation

-Soft Start Panel Installation


-Underground Services

-Service Calls

Water Well Services

We can install Deep Well Turbines, Booster Pumps, Tail Pumps, Submersibles and more!


-Complete Pump Installation

-Pump Test

-Well Development

-Well Abandonments

WPI Pump Panels
install pump.jpg
WPI Stock

Complete Machine Shop

WPI Water Resources has one of the best machine shop around when it comes to working on your pump.


-We can adapt any bowls to any pump

-Rebuild Motors

-Machine Work

Big Dog Drilling Rig

Water Well Drilling

Professionally bonded and Licensed in California and Arizona

Our drilling department specializes in mud rotary drilling for domestic/residential & Agricultural Wells. We can drill up to 2000' with 6" - 28" bore.

Give us a call and we can give you a free drilling estimate.

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Well Cleaning, Repairs & More!

Our specialty department handles everything you need when it comes to well repair and cleaning.


-Video Inspections

-Water Samples




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