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WPI Water Resources Inc.
Irrigating Fields

Your well is our specialty

What makes Water Well Specialties so special? We don't just point out problems... we solve them with Electro-Hydraulic Swaging, Video Inspections, and Scratching. Often, we can locate and correct your problems within the same day, reducing downtime and saving you money.


Trust Water Well Specialties to keep your well(s) in good condition. We like to think of our customers as clients...people who call on us whenever they need professional service... people who know they can count on us to get the job done right. We use the best equipment modern technology has to offer. Tested, proven, and always kept in excellent condition for maxiumum perfomance, reliability and service to you!



Ever wonder what your well looks like inside? Our picture is sharp, clear and has a electronic counter telling you where the problem exists. Broken casing? Lost tool? Plugged perfs? Our camera can see it all.  We can reach up to depths of 2500' and go through well casing as small as 5". Take every opportunity to survey your well for damage and potential problems.


Don't wait until your water yield drops below usable limits. Plugged perforations force your pump to work harder and use more power. The money you expect to save by waiting, may be (and often is) lost through increased operating expenses. Scratching is a safe and alternative method to cleaning your well. With our scratcher we drop it down into the well and the bristles brush against the plugged perforations opening them restoring your well in working condition.


Our electro-hydraulic swage is perfect for repairing damaged casing. A damaged well casing means sand/silt infiltration and reduce pump efficiency. With the swage, these damages can be repaired. Gentle yet powerful force quickly presses deformed casing back into shape. Breaks and holes are repaired with a steel liner "set" into shape. Casing diameter is restored and infiltration is corrected. Check out our diagram on the right for a perfect example how our swage works.


It's the surest, most advanced method of casing rehabilitation ever developed and it's available to you through Water Well Specialties.


How is it done?

Once the Digital Video Inspection System pinpoints the problem, the Swage is lowered into postion and presses the casing back into shape. If necessary, a liner is then attached to the Swage and pressed into place, forming a stong steel lining over the damaged area. 



Sonar-Jet is a patented process which uses a custom-fabricated detonating cord that produces a slower burn rate and has a greater gas-producing capability than a standard detonating cord. Sonar-Jet works by using a mild harmonic frequency of shock waves to disintegrate mineral and bacterial deposits. The detonating cord has a series of pressure compensators to produce a 100-millisecond delay at each compensator point, creating a water pick effect, while pulsing the water at a high velocity back and forth through perforations to deep clean the productive aquifer. Sonar-Jet has 50 years of proven results and costs much less than other less effective well-rehabilitation methods. In fact, Sonar-Jet produces100% specific capacity results on average and has improved some yields in excess of 400%

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